Driver Training

Training Venues

Venues commonly used for Training are —

Peake  (About 50 km East of Tailem Bend) – Sand driving and rocky terrain.

Deep Creek (15 km East of Cape Jervis) – Ascend and descend hills.

Morgan Quarry (35 km North of Blanchetown) – Hills, some sand and sometimes mud.

Callington (20 km East of Mt Barker) – Mud and water.

Some Final Important Points

Vehicle Recovery – This is one of the most important aspects of Driver Training.

It may be as simple as clearing a bit of sand, deflating your tyres a little and backing out, or you may need an assist from another vehicle – which ever, it is important that you understand the technique, know the recovery points on your vehicle and are aware of the potential hazards.


NEVER, connect a Recovery Strap or other towing
rope / strap to the Bull Bar or Tow Ball.


mitsubishi-4wd-club-training-snatch-strap-errors-tow-ball  mitsubishi-4wd-club-training-snatch-strap-errors


Our Club Is For All Makes Of 4WD Vehicles