Affiliations and Memberships

The Club is a member of Four Wheel Drive South Australia (FWDSA - Formerly known as South Australia Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs - FWDSA and 4WDSA are commonly used acronyms)  . . . Which acts as a coordinator, facilitator and reference point for 4WD Clubs in SA.

In its own right and through its affiliation with the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council, it represents the interests of its members by lobbying and negotiating with all levels of Local, State and Federal Government, as well as with landowners, indigenous communities, insurance providers and the media.

The Club has appointed Delegates who attend 4WDSA meetings on Members behalf and regularly disseminate information / outcomes etc via articles included in the Club magazine (CatChat) and / or at the regular Social meetings.

Code of Ethics of Four Wheel Drive South Australia

  1. Keep to the laws and regulations on recreation vehicles. They change from State to State.
  2. Others have a right to peace and solitude – avoid noisy driving or riding near settlements and general recreation areas.
  3. Keep to approved vehicle corridors and tracks. On beaches and unvegetated sand areas, drive only where permitted.
  4. Alpine areas, swamps and vegetated dunes are easily damaged. Avoid them.
  5. Respect our wildlife. Stop and look, but never disturb or chase animals. It can affect their survival.
  6. Keep the environment clean. Carry home your own, and maybe other peoples, rubbish.
  7. Obey all fire restrictions. Extinguish your fire before leaving. Don’t let your exhaust emit sparks.
  8. Obey restrictions on use of Public Land. Respect National Parks and other conservation areas.
  9. Get permission before driving on private land. Leave livestock alone, and gates as found.
  10. Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and quiet with an efficient muffler.
  11. Take adequate water, food, fuel and spares on trips. In remote areas travel with another vehicle.
  12. Join an appropriate and responsible club if you use your vehicle mainly for recreation.

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The Club is also a member of the

Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA Inc

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The Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs SA has been serving the interests of historic motorists in South Australia since 1971.