Wanted - Website Administrator

15th January 2024
By Andrew Gay

It's clear that Alan Pettigrew has made a significant contribution to the club's online presence, both in building and maintaining the two club websites. The club would like to express their gratitude for his dedication and acknowledge the importance of his work for the club.

With Alan considering stepping down and the introduction of Member Jungle, the club is making a thoughtful decision to transition the Webmaster role. It's always  a significant task to find a suitable replacement for someone who has played a crucial role in managing the club's digital presence.

The Webmaster role is pivotal in ensuring the club's online platforms operate smoothly and effectively. By seeking a replacement from within the club, there's  an opportunity to maintain continuity and build upon the work done by Alan.

The webmaster will be in-charge of overseeing and maintaining the website.  This will  involve  content  management,  technical  upkeep,  website  security,  SEO,   improving user experience, analysing website data, and resolving online issues.  The webmaster ensures that the website operates smoothly, is secure, accurate, and is suitable for your members.

The use of Member Jungle for web-based software is a positive step, and seeking someone within the club to take on this role is a great way to keep continuity and ensure that the website remains in capable hands.

Interested individuals within the club who have the skills and enthusiasm for managing the website should reach out to Andrew at president@mitsi4wdsa.org.au for further discussions.

It's  an excellent  opportunity for a club member to contribute to this important project and play a key role in maintaining the club's online presence.


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