Yes you can, we welcome all makes and quite a number of our members drive non Mitsubishi vehicles.


We enjoy 4wd’ing without actively seeking extreme conditions.

We are a responsible club and take care of the environment and our cars as they are also our daily drives.

However sometimes track conditions can become extreme following rain, so it is handy to know how to handle these situations and get yourself out, or when to quit and wait for the tracks to dry out. The training we provide can help you with this.


A lot of our members own caravans and depending on the type, can take them off road to varying extents.

Even a normal dirt road can become treacherous if wet, so knowing how to handle your car in 4wd can assist your towing capability and ensure you can get to some out of the way spots others may only dream about.


Yes, we welcome families. You only pay one membership fee, regardless of how many children you have.

We also have special presents from Father Christmas and activities for young children at our annual Christmas weekend.


Our club runs three types of trips each year. These are :

  1. Day trips, which are generally close to Adelaide and good for beginners or just a fun day out
  2. Weekend trips, which can be up to 5 days long, allowing us to venture further afield and access better tracks and campsites.  These can be intra or interstate
  3. Long trips, which can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 or more months, and will generally be interstate to some iconic destinations, such as Cape York, the Kimberley, the Victorian High Country, to name a few.

Trips can change each year.


Absolutely, we encourage guests to attend our social meetings to get a feel for our club and what we have to offer.


No, your car does not need to be modified before becoming a member and a stock standard car is suitable for a number of trips that we do.

As a new member you will receive good advice about which modifications are deemed worth having, and which are discretionary.


Most definitely, one of the advantages of joining a 4wd club such as ours is that you have access to qualified trainers who can teach you the correct way to drive your vehicle in a number of different terrains that you may encounter in our big continent.


Yes our club has a number of accredited trainers that will provide training and guidance in the correct and safe use of your four wheel drive in a number of terrains, including sand, rocks, hills and if available, mud and water.

They will also provide training in correct and safe recovery techniques should your vehicle become stuck.

Click here for more information on driver training.


You can join by completing the online membership application form which is available HERE and by paying the appropriate fee into our bank account, ensuring you quote your surname as the reference.

Note membership is not accepted until the correct monies are received.


Joining fees are currently $35 as a once off Fee. In addition, you will pay an annual membership fee, which is currently $84 for a full year.

If you join part way through our financial year (January – December) you will pay a pro rata amount depending on which month you join.


The benefits of joining a 4wd club include;

  • Driver training
  • Social activities and outings
  • Being able to participate in club trips and having others to help if you break down in remote areas
  • Technical assistance and advice
  • Receiving club discounts at many suppliers
  • Use of club equipment on trips at minimal or no cost