Historical Car Registration FAQ's


From 1st July 2022 there was an amendment to the South Australian Club Registration scheme. The amendment now reads:

  • 25 year rolling cut-off date for qualifying vehicles.

From 1st July 2017 there were a number of changes to the South Australian Club Registration scheme. The most significant changes were:

  • 30 year rolling cut-off date for qualifying vehicles.
  • Definition of a Historic Vehicle now includes legally modified vehicles.
  • LHD vehicles to now be treated the same as RHD vehicles in regards to allowed modifications, LHD exemptions will still be required.
  • Inspections of vehicles will NOT be required by
  • Statutory declarations will no longer be needed.

Q: How do I get Club Rego on my vehicle?

A: Join an approved Club (Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA), Speak to our club registration officers, or a committee member about processing your registration, and issuing you a log book.


Q: How does the 25 year cut off work?

A: If your vehicle will be 25 years or older during the year starting 1st January, your vehicle qualifies.


Q: Do I HAVE to be a member of a club?

A: Yes, more to the point a member of club recognised to administer Conditional Registration. If your membership lapses so does your Registration! Penalties of up to $750 apply for driving an unregistered vehicle. Clubs are required to report lapsed memberships to the Registrar.


Q: What modifications are allowed?

A: The Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA cannot tell you what is allowed, you will need to either: - read MR1457, Government fact sheet/guide to modifications. - go to DPTI website - www.sa.gov.au/topics/driving-and-transport/vehicles/vehicle-standards-andmodifications - call Vehicle Standards Regency Park – 1300 882 248 - email Vehicle Standards Regency Park – dpti.vehiclestandards@sa.gov.au In short though, modification laws for vehicles on club rego are the same as those that are for vehicles on normal rego.


Q: Who determines the legality of vehicles?

A: The same authorities that have always determined legality, DPTI Regency Park and the Police. As the vehicles owner it is your responsibility to ensure your vehicle is legal and roadworthy.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA Membership is $84 per year, and your log book will cost $10 (and lasts for three years). The Service SA Rego fee which is around $90 per year.


Q: Can I keep my current number plates?

A: Yes, there are no changes to number plates.


Q: My vehicle is in my company’s name, can I put it on Club Rego?

A: No, the owner of the vehicle must be a club member; a Company can’t be a member of a Club.


Q: Can I register more than one car through the Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA?

A: Yes most definitely. Each vehicle will need its own log book, but your membership will cover your personal requirement for every vehicle you have.


Q: Can I register a non 4WD through the Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA?

A: Yes, the Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA is happy to issue log books to ALL vehicles that comply with the scheme including caravans and trailers. However, you do require a a 4WD to become a member!