About Mitsubishi 4WD Club

Our Club

The Club is a social organisation principally established to bring together people who are interested in recreational four wheel driving, as a responsible and legitimate recreational activity.

Club Formation

The Club was formed and incorporated in 1986 the name was 4WD Owners Club South Aust Inc but traded as the Mitsubishi 4WD Club of SA by consent of Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd, consisting of people from all walks of life who have at least two things in common - a deeply felt respect for our Australian environment, and the appreciation which results from being able to visit unique areas within this environment.

The Club was originally formed by a group of dedicated Mitsubishi Pajero and L300 owners: however, membership is open to owners of all brands of four wheel drive vehicles. Membership is based on the vehicle and includes all immediate members of a family.

In 2018 the incorporated name of the club was changed to Mitsubishi 4WD Club SA Inc.

The Club Aims To


  • Provide a common meeting place for people with similar interests.

  • Encourage and promote family orientated recreational activities, in particular in areas inaccessible to other than four wheel drive vehicles, and to organise Club trips including activities such as training, camping, bushwalking, photography, birdwatching, fossicking and the study of flora, fauna, history etc.

  • Educate members on the issues involving conservation of the environment, and the responsible use of vehicles in the bush.

  • Actively support the conservation of the natural environment, and to liaise with controlling authorities and indigenous peoples.

  • Provide both formally structured and informal training whereby members will gain knowledge of their vehicle, its capabilities, and the best and safest way to use those capabilities.

  • Conduct meetings and training sessions whereby members may gain knowledge of navigation and other forms of bushcraft, safe travelling, self-sufficiency and general care and maintenance of their vehicles and equipment.

  • Defend the privilege of access to road and tracks on Crown lands and to undertake campaigns to maintain this privilege.


Our Club Is For All Makes Of 4WD Vehicles